Enabling Leadership in Recreation Programming

Resident fulfillment, family connectivity and recognition for staff and the organization.

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Activitypro Benefits

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Recreation Managers & Staff

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of Engagement

With ActivityPro you go beyond tracking attendance as present-absent or active-passive, and measure the true quality of resident engagement. With our tools you can proactively improve your programming.

Personalized Resident Care

Prove how well your residents are doing, the effectiveness of your programs, and your organization’s commitment to person-centered care.

Prove Activity Success

Validate which activities are working and match activities to individual residents’ abilities and interests.

Government Compliance

Save time by easily generating the data you need to report to your government or health authority.


Powerful dashboards, comparative tools and reports to identify successes and challenges, and develop best practices across your organization.

Web-Based Secure Platform

Connect your computer or tablet to our secure HIPAA compliant service.

Gold Upgrade Features


A calendar builder  that is easy to use and tailored for the unique needs of recreation departments. Quickly customize and print multiple calendars for your home.


Give families access to family oriented activity reports, calendars, photo/video sharing, and more with ActivityPro’s secure family portal.


Track, manage, and report volunteer hours. Collect volunteer documents and create your own on-boarding checklists.

PointClickCare Integration

Save 20-30% of your time in ActivityPro with our PointClickCare integration’s automated resident management. Easily post progress notes and reports into PointClickCare.

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