ActivityPro Success Stories

"I have been using ActivityPro for more than ten years now. I really do enjoy using the program and use the data it provides to create charts and stats for my Leadership and PAC meetings. My ED was impressed and so was the rest of the team and even the Doctor.”
Karen Carrier
Life Enrichment Manager
Henley House

Extremely Valuable In Our Daily Operations

"Partnering with ActivityPro has truly been a game-changer for us! This software seamlessly integrates into our daily operations, bringing efficiency and joy to our recreational planning. The customer support team is responsive, knowledgeable, and always ready to assist with any queries or concerns."
Jeremy Zinger
VP, LTC Operations
peopleCare Communities

Enables more time for residents!

“I have noticed a HUGE difference in the amount of time I spend updating resident records in ActivityPro. It has enabled me to have a lot more time on my hands to complete other tasks and assist my staff members. Due to the integration, my staff have been able to document more accurately as well, as now resident records are immediately added, sometimes even before I know the resident has arrived!”
Ellie Craver
Director of Activities
Groton Community Health Care Center

Improved Documentation & Family Communication

“We are loving ActivityPro here at Heritage Green and it has hugely improved our program documentation and it is so helpful in showing families what their loved ones are involved in! Would highly recommend to anyone!”
Janine Breukelman
Programs Manager
Heritage Green Nursing Home

I love the new calendar so much!

"Everything is going good with ActivityPro. I love the new calendar so much; it is awesome and so easy to use."
Amber Goertz
Extendicare Activity Supervisor

A company that appreciates and uses feedback; Is innovative and supportive!

"For many years we have used ActivityPro and during this time, the program has evolved and continuously improved. Recently, we embraced the PointClickCare Integration, the ActivityPro Calendar, Volunteer Module, and the Family Portal to name a few. ActivityPro keeps us on track, organized, and is a company that appreciates and uses feedback, is innovative, supportive, and that we are proud to be part of." Click "Read More" below to view the full unedited testimonial.
Jennifer Hill
Activity Programs and Services Director
Dundas Manor

We LOVE The New ActivityPro Calendar!

"The team at ActivityPro is always adapting and growing the platform. The insight and innovation they bring is not only helpful, it inspires my team as well. Thank you, ActivityPro, especially for the New Calendar! You are always working to simplify processes and make things time efficient. I love working in the New ActivityPro Calendar!"
Esther Murphy
Program Manager and Volunteer Coordinator
Fairvern Nursing Home

PointClickCare Integration is Seamless!

"The PointClickCare Integration with ActivityPro has been seamless. All of the integration functions work perfectly. We don’t have to worry if we have added or discharged residents in time. There are photos beside each resident, which is a big help for new staff members. We are very glad that we have the integration. We wish we had done it sooner!"
Leighara Arnold
Director of Activation
Fairfield Park

Integration with PointClickCare is a Great Benefit!

"With the introduction of ActivityPro into our home, we have elevated our life enrichment to new levels. Our residents are receiving more personalized activities and we have improved our ability to share progress and changes of involvement with their loved ones. Such a great benefit to our team!"
Twila Thomson
Executive Director
Trillium Communities

Fantastic Dashboard & Great Reports

“Love this program! Being web-based is very important, the reports are very useful, and the dashboard is fantastic at keeping everyone informed.”
Recreation Supervisor

Board Members, Leadership Team & Staff Transparency

“My department loves the program, we love that we now have tangible numbers to show what we are doing.”
Victoria Gagne, BREC, CTRS
Director of Recreation
Dykeland Lodge

User Friendly Dashboards & Comprehensive Reports

“ActivityPro is an excellent computerized charting system that collects and organizes resident participation levels and various therapeutic recreation activities offerings. ActivityPro generates risk reports, multi-month reports and showcases upcoming calendar programs on a friendly user dashboard."
Jenna Sweet TRD, ADC, AP-BC, CDP
Life Enrichment Director & Volunteer Coordinator
Jerome Home

Everyone Should be Using ActivityPro

“We are encouraging more facilities to move to ActivityPro in Saskatchewan.”
Linda Ostryzniuk
Recreation Therapist
William Booth Special Care Home

Easy to Catch Residents at Risk

“ActivityPro has helped in the accountability of our department. We are able to provide detailed reports to families so they see a visual as to what their family member is involved in. We can see residents at risk and prioritize their involvement or reassess why it is that they aren’t involved or choosing to be involved. It helps in planning for new initiatives and programs.”
Recreation Therapist

Incredible Value with Amazing Reporting Abilities

“As the manager of a Recreation and Volunteer program in Long Term Care, ActivityPro has brought so much value to our tracking and reporting abilities. I cannot imagine going back to paper! Now I can pull a report from my desk with a few clicks. ActivityPro is very open to suggestions and is always listening to suggestions.”
Resident Support Services Manager

Professional Reports

“Very professional and reports show what people want to see!”
Resident Program Manager

Access ActivityPro From Anywhere

“I do like this program for its ability to be entered ANYWHERE online, so it’s easy to access! There are many features that are helpful that we are just getting to know.”
Recreation Coordinator

Care Conference Reports

“I like the ability to use the reports for our Care Conferences and MDS’s.”

Reliable Service

“I really like using Activitypro, it allows me to keep track of my residents needs and I appreciate using such a reliable service!”

ActivityPro is Easy to Use

“I enjoy using ActivityPro very much! It is an effective way to document programs and it is easy to use. All information based on programs, level of participation is at your fingertips which is a bonus!”

ActivityPro Customer Service is Always Top Notch! 

“This program and the staff at ActivityPro are excellent to work with. ActivityPro customer service is always top notch! They truly listen to the suggestions of their customers and are always searching for ways to make documentation more accurate and more efficient. This program has been a fundamental key in elevating the productivity of our department and continues to support the person centered mindset of the staff in regard to programming and documentation. Thank you!”
Director of Leisure Services

Positive Outcomes with Higher Efficiencies

“Revera recognized the potential this application has in advancing our programming practices beyond all legislated requirements, and further driving person-centred programming... higher efficiencies in time spent on documentation, improved ability to identify residents at risk for social isolation, higher standard of professional accountabilities in record keeping, and improved communication with team/families."
National Director, Recreation & Rehabilitation

Talk to a Live Person as soon as the Phone Rings!

“Things are going well with using ActivityPro! You guys have been great with answering any of my questions when I’ve called and I love that I talk to someone as soon as the phone rings!”
Recreation Therapist
Santa Maria Senior Citizens Home

Appreciation for ActivityPro’s Continuous Education Sessions

“It has been a pleasure working with the team at ActivityPro to get our home set up with ActivityPro and I have appreciated so much your openness to be available for support and troubleshooting, access to regular education and virtual zoom sessions, but also to listen to my ideas that may enhance our home and the powers of ActivityPro to support our residents and most recently our volunteers. Thank you for being such a great community partner!”
Coordinator of Recreation & Volunteer Services

Reports, Resident Engagement, and Tracking at Your Fingertips!

“I have worked in the Recreation Industry for 25 plus years and appreciate that ActivityPro has designed a comprehensive online platform that supports the work of Recreation Professionals working in long term care. "
Tammy Reihl
Life Enhancement Director
Samaritan Place

Creates Transparency with Families & Staff

"ActivityPro keeps myself and my department organized and operating efficiently! The whole system is very user friendly ... My families love being able to see the different types of graphs and comparing the month to month activities. "
Brianna Ritchie
Social Programming Director
Schooner Memory Care

Easy On-Boarding & Outstanding Customer Support

“ActivityPro is a Recreation Therapist’s best friend! ActivityPro has improved efficiency and made inputting stats quicker and easier than ever... We can access our RAI/MDS data in seconds, allowing us to spend less time doing paperwork and more time being on the floor with our Residents."
Lauren Knapton
Recreation Therapist
Interior Health Authority

Passing Inspector Audits with Flying Colors!

"We love ActivityPro for the Recreation department here at Montana Mental Health Nursing Care Center. We have been able to give data driven answers to surveyors on things they had questions about and continuously pass our survey with flying colors."
Kristine Dunphy
Recreation Supervisor
Montana Mental Health Nursing Care Center

The Data We Need for Family & Resident Care Conferences

"I love that all the data is compiled and able to view for family and Resident care conferences and we can track recreational and rehabilitation activities for our Residents. The tutorials are wonderful and informative from ActivityPro. Ron has provided us with in-services, which are most helpful."
Darla Spiry
Recreation and Rehab Manager Volunteer Coordinator and Bus Driver
Columbia Garden Village, Ivy House

Proven Communication Tool

“It has been a blessing since we switched to ActivityPro, because we are able to assess clients and evaluate programs through data analysis- which was proven useful when working with allied health teams and family members.”
Eric Wong
Recreation Therapist, BTR, CTRS