Assisted Living Keeping Up with Changing Population Needs

This article explores how assisted living senior facilities are keeping up with the changing population needs as the aging baby boomers begin to need an increase with supportive living needs.

The aging population is living longer, are more physically able, and more connected with technology than ever before.

With the changing needs of our aging population, the facilities that help them in their later life are adapting to the changing needs of the demographic in a number of ways.

Technology advancements are paramount, especially when it comes to lowering the impact of falls with sensors, with engineered flooring or the risk of falls with motion-sensing lights. But that’s not all. The aging population is using computer technology differently as well. They are enjoying their iPads and the connectivity technology which allows them to stay connected with their families through applications like FaceTime.

They also demand a greater selection when it comes to dining and activities. One dining room with assigned daily seating doesn’t cut it. They want bistro, café, and dine-in options. When it comes to activity programming daily Bingo isn’t enough anymore either. They want a variety of programming and more modern activities such as Thai Chi.

Since loneliness can be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, the more technology that helps people believe they can stay home longer the more realization that assisted living facilities offer what is missing: a sense of belonging and purpose. Assisted Living options provide the aging population with human connections and as long as the providers are keeping up with their changing needs they can provide a very fulfilling life to the aging demographic.

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