Scoring with ActivityPro: Understanding the Quality of Your Resident’s Engagement

At ActivityPro, we care deeply about giving you the ability to accurately track the quality of resident engagement in your programs. This is why we use the 3,2,1 scoring system rather than assigning residents as “Active/Passive” or “Present/Absent”. By giving residents a number score, you can do so much more with the data than simply […]

Setting the Right Benchmarks for Your Home

While most of us try to do our best every day, as human beings we are also subject to periodic “slippage.” For example, has anyone else out there made a commitment to lose weight and exercise more…but have let that one slip away? I don’t think I am alone on that one! One of the […]

What Are Your Expected Outcomes?

When creating an new program, you are likely expected to create a program profile, or description. Usually this includes core details, such as program Goals, Procedures (how to run the program) and Requirements (needed equipment, supplies, staff, volunteers, contacts, etc.). When creating your programs with ActivityPro, or even on paper, the identification of Expected Outcomes […]