Proving the Quality of Resident Engagement

For too many years, recreationists have simply relied on tabulating the frequency of resident participation in programs to validate success. In other words, the more often a resident attended programs, the better. Unfortunately such a measure doesn’t represent the quality of engagement, particularly if the resident sleeps through the program, or is distracted and disruptive. […]

Modifying Programs: Staying Focused on the Primary Domain

When residents are experiencing limited success in a program, it is our job to modify our approach, and perhaps the program, to meet them where they are (see the previous post called “Person-Centered Programming – Meeting Residents Where They Are”). We do this to ensure the residents are having a positive, rewarding, and successful program […]

Person-Centered Programming – Meeting Residents Where They Are

As recreation specialists, we know that it is our responsibility to provide programs that residents want and need. However, there are times when we find a resident is not suited to a particular program – they are unable to do what is is being asked (it may be because it is an unfamiliar task, or […]