True Recreation Stories: Tips For Your Next Department Review

The other week I received a support call from Julia* who had started working in her new role as Activities Director a few months ago. Prior to her placement at this particular home Julia hadn’t used ActivityPro before, but the staff at the new home had fully embraced the program and Julia fell in love with the program right away.

The reason for this particular call was that Julia was preparing for a review of her and her team’s performance since she started working at the home, and wanted to present some concrete data to the board and management on the impact her team had made to date.

I took the time to understand what type of comparables she needed and assisted her in pulling some reports from equal time periods before her tenure and then during her time at the home.

The results were staggering! The number of Activity Offerings were up substantially, resident engagement was more than double, average scores higher, and resident satisfaction surveys were showing the residents were very happy with the new programming (although that feature wasn’t even being used before Julia’s arrival).

Julia was able to extract the data into PDF reports and even inputted the data into an Excel file to demonstrate the results of her team’s hard work and dedication to improving her home’s recreation programming.

The greatest thing about ActivityPro by far is the reporting, I hear customers rave about it over and over again. It’s the reward of all that diligent, yet simple data input the recreation team records into the software. It’s especially easy for data nerds to geek out to the versatility and details of the available reports.

If you are not currently using ActivityPro, what tools could you use to present your progress on improving engagement to your management team? If you are paper charting perhaps you could take a few key components month over month (such as the total number of resident engagements, and average engagements per resident) and see how you’re doing. Why not set some goals for you and your team? Where are you trending, where can you improve, could your staff have a little competition on their progress with resident engagement?

When doing performance reviews with your staff you can set attainable benchmarks with them. ActivityPro makes it easy for management to create staff reports to help with this type of task. Goal setting is a fun and important aspect of team building, making your staff feel appreciated, and helps them see how meaningful their time is with residents.

If you are an ActivityPro user and are not sure how to extract this data, please call us and we can support you in extracting the information.

Contact us today to benefit from the awesome features and tools offered through ActivityPro for your recreation department, toll-free at 1-888-898-0098.

*Name changed for client privacy

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